Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our trip to Yellowstone

As a family we went to Yellowstone about 2 weeks ago and had a great time! None of us had been except my dad when he was in high school, so it was great to be able to go. Such a beautiful place! We saw buffalo, moose, bears, elk, bald eagles and plenty of chipmunks. It was really neat to see these animals in their natural habitat. We also went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center and got to see grizzly bears and wolves there. Seeing Old Faithful was also very cool. There are tons of little geysers throughout the park and we got to stop and see some of those as well. None of them went off like Old Faithful, but they steamed quite a bit and were very colorful. Yellowstone Lake was so pretty and HUGE! The water was pretty clear and also freezing cold, so we just enjoyed it on the shore. If you have never been to Yellowstone, I highly recommend it!

Funny we were driving to Idaho to the condo we were staying in, I experienced a migraine. Now, I've never had one before so I didn't know it was a migraine until we got to our cabin and my dad got a little upset with me for driving while I had this migraine! So we stopped in Pocatello to get gas and have a quick break and almost as soon as we started driving again, my head started pounding and my vision was a little blurry. I thought I just looked into a bright light so that glare was in my eyes (kinda like when you look into the flash of a camera). So I turned up the air really high to see if that would help, but it didn't. So my vision gets even more blurry, but I could still see enough to drive. Then after 15 or so minutes of that, my peripheral vision in my right eye goes black. I couldn't see my brother in the passenger seat unless I turned my head. All this time I knew something wasn't right, but I had no idea what was wrong! I was also too prideful to pull over and let my brother drive. After awhile, my vision got better, but my head still hurt. As we got closer to the condo, everything got a little better, but I didn't realize that this migraine would affect my equilibrium and walking up the stairs was strange! When I told my dad what went on, he told me it was a migraine and that I should have let my brother drive instead of putting us in danger! Oops! I really had no idea what was going on, but I'm glad our guardian angels were looking out for us that day! Great way to start off a vacation!


Old Faithful!
Posing next to some statues outside the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

A gray wolf
Grizzly Bear!

Some yellow rock that Yellowstone was named from

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Yellowstone Lake

Just being us!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who needs perfume?!

So as I was about to put on perfume today before leaving for work, I noticed a picture had fallen down on my dresser and I thought I'd fix it to stand upright again. As I was doing this, I knocked over one of those diffuser things (only this one didn't have reeds in it) all over my dresser and the front of me. I had to run to get a towel because I didn't know if it would ruin the wood or my shirt for that matter. So I keep getting this smell of something good (I forgot the scent of this thing) and I have to remind myself that it's me that I'm smelling! So much for perfume today!