Sunday, November 13, 2011


Um..its been awhile..please forgive me. I got this blog so I would have things to share but I have realized I a) don't have a life and therefore have nothing to blog about and b) I don't always have my camera with me. Sooo..this update will be a little of Halloween, some random photos and my dad's 50th birthday. Up until Halloween, not much happened!

At my dental office, I asked people weeks before Halloween if anyone wanted to dress up. It was only me and our hygienist that wanted to, so we came up with the idea to be toothfairies! We made our costumes and they turned out super cute. All the patients loved our costumes!

So my dad turned 50 and we had a family party to celebrate. My dad decorated the house with funny sayings about turning 50 and made some delicious soups. It was a good time!

Let me tell you a little bit of everything else..I got a calling in my singles ward. I am the co-chairman for the FHE committee. So far, its going fine, but I'm sure I'll stress out when we have to start planning everything! The previous co-chairs planned the rest of the year, so I'll be planning the activites starting the beginning of the year. I also had to speak in sacrament a few weeks ago...glad its over! I don't love speaking in public at all so I was not thrilled about it!

The weather down here is to die for!! I went to Utah a couple of weeks ago and came back to Arizona with a huge smile on my face :) I don't miss the Utah weather AT ALL! It's November and its still in the 70's..couldn't be happier about that! I'm also looking forward to not having to scrape snow of my car this winter... :)

Here are some photos, in no particular order....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Front Yard

Well here is a long overdue picture of our new front yard. It's been done for awhile now, but I've been a slacker on blogging. Looks much better huh?! We are working on our backyard and pool so when that is done, I'll have another pic! Besides new things at the house, not much else is new really. I'm still working at a dental office, the younger sibs are back in school, Bre and Colby have moved down here and we're loving the warm weather! I seriously love it! Of course I don't love getting swoob just from walking to my car but I'd take this weather over cold weather anyday :)

Look a few posts back and you'll see the before picture...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Quick Little Tribute to My Sister :)

This is not a special occasion post, I just wanted to tell my sissy how much I love her. This last weekend, I went to Utah to help her move some of her stuff to Arizona because her and her hubby are moving down to the best state ever!! Well driving with her for 12 hours and having a minor fender bender, I realized how much I love her. She is great. And for those of you who don't know, she is pregnant with her first child. She is going to be a great mother and I'm so excited to be an aunt! I really look up to her..literally and figuratively. She's a great example to me and I'm proud to be her big sister. I love you Bre!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I got a job!!

OK so up to now, my life has been kinda boring so I haven't had a lot to blog about. BUT....I now have a new job! With moving to Arizona a month ago, it's been hard seeing my money dwindle away, but I can now say I'm employed again! I'm so excited! I really like my new dental office where I'll be working, but it makes me miss my old office at the same time. So to all my peeps at Dry Creek Pediatric Dentistry: I miss you!! Kinda funny, one of the dentists at my new office said his father-in-law is the Bishop in my singles ward! Small wordl!! And in other news, we are finally moving into our new home this weekend :) My family was cleaning the house today, but I wasn't a part of it because I was at my working interview and last I heard is we're moving in on Friday! Woohoo! It'll be so nice to have "our" own place again. Here is a picture of our new house since that's the only picture I have right now to post!

Here it is: (fyi...the big tree in front is covering up some windows and the front door, but that'll be coming down as we are re-doing our whole yard-just to give you an idea of the house)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dad

I just wanted to post about my dad since it is Father's Day tomorrow. I think I have the greatest dad in the world! Of course, I'm biased ;) He is one of the most caring, generous, loving people I know and I feel very lucky to be his daughter. Thanks Dad for all you've done for me. I love you very much!

P.S. Don't mind the evil face in the background ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, Walmart

I know Walmart has the reputation that is does, but I do like Walmart and everything they have. I usually have some type of experience when I go there and ususally that is the people you see there; well tonight was no different. My mom, sisters and I went to get a Redbox and ended up looking at clothes too. As we were standing in line, which was the 20 items or less line, we noticed a few things..first, there was a "People" magazine in Spanish! I've never seen that one before. Of course we are closer to the border here in AZ ;) Also, there were a few Lay's Chips bags in Spanish. And remember how I said we were in the 20 items or less line? Well, the line next to us was the same, but there was a lady in that line that had probably 50 items...they're the "speedy" checkouts for a reason! And to top it off, the lady just in front of us grabbed her husband's cheek (not the one next to his nose) and gave it a big squeeze as she planted a wet one on his lips. My sisters who are 12 and that couples' son were all watching..only at Walmart ;)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Livin the high life in AZ!

Well I've almost been in Arizona a week..that is so crazy! So far everything is going great. I love the weather here, very different from where I came from! I've heard from several people in Utah that its been raining almost non stop for quite a while. I don't miss that one bit ;) Its pretty hot here, but I'm not going to complain. I've been laying out by the pool almost everyday and I've got a nice tan goin on! I got an early birthday present today..I got my windows tinted!! Wahoo! I never had them tinted in Utah probably because it never gets that hot there, but ever since moving to Arizona, my mom has been wanting to get my windows tinted. I love it so far and I'm sure I'll love it even more when it gets to triple digits!
In other news, I'm pretty sure I'll start working soon :) It looks like I'll be doing esthetician work which is fabulous since that's what I went to school for and it's something I really enjoy doing. I'm going to be getting trained on how to use this new equipment, so I'll head to Florida for that in a few weeks! And some really important news...we've found a house! WOO! It's been a long 5 months searching for homes that everyone in the family will like, but we've found a beautiful house in Chandler that is big enough for our family and is a good neighborhood. We're all excited about moving in which will be the beginning of July. We're looking forward to putting in our own pool and designing our backyard. This yard has a little patch of grass and rocks throughout the rest of it, so not very attractive, but it'll look good when we finish it!
I think that's all for now. I'll update more as more things happen and hopefully I'll have some pictures soon!