Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonderful Time of Year

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! My family and I sure did. I do love this time of year. Its great to see all the family, even though we do live close to the ones here in Utah and see them often, but its still fun getting together for the holidays. Its also nice to reflect more on the birth of our Savior. I know I get caught up in the hype of this time of year, but I try to remember the true meaning of Christmas and not focus so much on the "worldy" things.
As some of you know, I am the Beehive Advisor in our ward. I'm loving every minute of it and I hope the girls are too! As a combined Sunday lesson the week before Christmas, us leaders told of our favorite Christmas story. It really helped me realize the true meaning of Christmas especially as I bore my testimony to the Young Women about that. That Sunday definitely helped me get more in the spirit of Christmas which I am very grateful for.

P.S. Sorry no pictures with this post! I'll update with them soon enough!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I was able to go on another humanitarian trip. This time I went to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. It was such a great trip! I really enjoy serving others and going to see other parts of the world. It really is a great experience and both times I've gone, I've loved it. I met some awesome people and got a little better at my Spanish :) I was gone for Thanksgiving this year, but we had a nice banquet on Thursday and I was able to eat some turkey! As well as assiting dentists, this time they had me doing x-rays too for two days because those were the busiest days and the needed me mad x-ray skills! It was actually pretty fun. I'm sure the pre-missionaries hated me shoveing sensors in their mouths, but all of the them gave me smiles after we got their x-rays so that's good! I was able to go on two humanitarian trips as well. I went to 2 LDS members' homes and a children's cancer hospital. Both were great and made me tear up a bit. At the first members' home, I felt the spirit so strong and I think most of us were teary eyed. I definitely got to meet some special people. It's amazing how these people are so positive despite how broken their personal lives may be. Both families we met had family members with diseases and don't really have the money to get the help they need, but they were all so happy to see us and accept the gifts we had for them. To me, it seems like Honduras isn't quite as poor as Nicaragua. Both homes we went to had tile/carpet and other nice features, but the homes I saw in Nicaragua had dirt floors, no glass windows and no A/C. I really had a great time and hopefully I can go on another humanitarian trip soon! Enjoy the pictures!