Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, Walmart

I know Walmart has the reputation that is does, but I do like Walmart and everything they have. I usually have some type of experience when I go there and ususally that is the people you see there; well tonight was no different. My mom, sisters and I went to get a Redbox and ended up looking at clothes too. As we were standing in line, which was the 20 items or less line, we noticed a few things..first, there was a "People" magazine in Spanish! I've never seen that one before. Of course we are closer to the border here in AZ ;) Also, there were a few Lay's Chips bags in Spanish. And remember how I said we were in the 20 items or less line? Well, the line next to us was the same, but there was a lady in that line that had probably 50 items...they're the "speedy" checkouts for a reason! And to top it off, the lady just in front of us grabbed her husband's cheek (not the one next to his nose) and gave it a big squeeze as she planted a wet one on his lips. My sisters who are 12 and that couples' son were all watching..only at Walmart ;)

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  1. Ha ha!! I love WalMart and all the crazy patrons that come with it! I guess it's kind of a universal thing! :)